Monday, June 22, 2015

Is this the same boy I sent out? No he is now a man!

I´m going to go all over in this email because this week was all over.
We learned about the importance of members, obedience, testimonies of the Book of Mormon, and sacrificing.
Members. This week we had the family of Walter, Doris, Allison, and Girard over for two FHEs. One on Friday night and one on Saturday night. Maribel and Juan helped with the one on Friday and Senia and Xenia helped on Saturday. Because of those 2 FHEs the whole family is moving like a full freight on the baptism train. The parents are not married so we are trying to help the kids right now and help the parents start the marriage process. Girard asks to be baptized and Allison loves going to mutual. Members or die.
Obedience. I recalled 2 stories because of experiences this week about the topic of obedience. First was Dad at the foot of Kings peak when he said to us 12 year olds (lost and not knowing what to do) ¨When I say jump you say....¨ Kalin Olsen said, ¨How high!¨ Then Papa John said ¨Well yes that´s how the phrase goes but you just jump!¨ The other story is when Adam was asked why he was doing sacrifices by the angel he said ¨I know not save the Lord commanded me.¨ After that the angel explained to him the why. As missionaries or members we have to remember that sometimes the prophet, our bishop, our leaders ask us to do things and we might not see the whole picture or the whole why but we still JUMP! I´ve learned that our parents and leaders have been where we were and they know better. So just JUMP! 
After having had a visit with Salvatore we had a visit with a less active family. We invited Salvatore to come with us. He accepted and came with a big smile on his face. We talked about the importance of having a testimony of the Book of Mormon. When I passed it to him. He said something along these lines ¨When I met with the missionaries I had lots of doubts and very distinct beliefs but when I finally read and prayed and asked if the Book of Mormon was true that was when it all changed. I now know this is the true church.¨ What a good man he is. He is a changed man!
I can´t wait for him to get married so he can be baptized. It doesn´t look like it will happen in my time but he will help the church.
The church here in Sabadell is not close. Not even a little. If you have to go in public transportation it is about 1 hour and a half. (1 hour if you know how to work the system). Many members and non members are complaining about the distance that they have to or would have to travel to get to church. Then there was a comment from a recent convert with a strong testimony that said ¨If we love the church and desire the sacrament we´ll sacrifice for it¨ I couldn´t agree more. A blessing it is to have it close in Utah but a great blessing to sacrifice and show the Lord your willingness every Sunday when it is a trial of faith to go to church which is no longer 3 hours but 6 because of travel. 2:30p.m.-8:30 p.m.
What a great week and what a great church and what a great God.
If you would please pray for Joy, Salvatore, The family of Walter and Doris, and Maria Jesus.
Thank you so much for your many prayers and your much sacrifice in my behalf. I love all of you and thank you!
Let´s go to work!

Élder Smiley

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