Saturday, September 3, 2016

Almost done with the MTC!! He can't wait.

I don’t need pants, trust me I have more than enough, just belts and the other stuff and the BYU shirt. The one that says go cougs and is shaped like a football and is royal blue.  I also need the gift of tongues, so could you help me and pray for that thanks love you so much!!!!!!

I asked Cody if General Authorities ever came to the MTC and this was his response “only members of the seventy and it sucks because they need translators and never have the spirit because if something is funny then the translator laughs and the spirit is gone its stupid “

No letters what-so-ever!  Are you sure that you are sending them to the MTC, or my mission home?

So I forgot to tell you but when I was at the airport in Mexico we were all in suits, and this guy said are you going to the Olympics and thinking off the top of my head I said “ya.”  He said “really for what” I was about to say basketball, but then I said swimming and he was amazed and asked for my autograph.   I felt like a big deal!!!!!!!!!
Highschoolers always do stupid stuff but not that stupid!

Elder Platt and I are getting along really well, like I’m surprised.

I’ve been freaking out about BYU football all week, like honestly my district is getting so sick and tired of me its funny!!!!!!
my Spanish is getting better, I had a good convo with my teacher but we will see how well it is with real Mexicans.
Everyone that is from Aguacalientes says the Spanish is spoken slow, like aaaaaaaaaarchibald slow! so thats good!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My next P day is Wednesday, then we pack and everything like that then I’m out of the MTC!!!!!!!!

But my president doesn’t speak English so we will see how that goes.

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