Monday, September 19, 2016

"Elder Smiley, you are the best!!"

Well this was one heck of a week!!!!!!!
I contacted for the first time.  Crushed it!   The contact took the card, and did not laugh at me or look confused but he did not want us to teach him either!
My second contact story is hilarious.   So Elder Pazmiño was talking to someone so I went and talked to someone else, and he said he believed in God and wanted to go to church.   Then he looked at me and said “Hey do you want some of this?” and popped out some marijuana.  I started laughing and said “No, I’m good, but thanks!” 
The members feed us lunch everyday. My first time eating at a members house Elder Pazmiño said this member gets really mad really fast so be careful. She gave us some soup, and I had three bowls and I was full!  Then she took my plate and brought out the main dish, so I gagged that down then she brought out dessert and I gagged that down.  I almost threw up, but luckily I didn’t.   But after we left her house, about 15 minutes later I met Montezuma, and he had some revenge!!
President Hernandez pulled me aside and interviewed me and asked “What are you nervous about?”  I said “The language” and he pulled out his computer and said “Well learn this!”   It was 500 words, 15 scriptures, and 150 phrases.  I said I would, and he said “This is your goal, when do you want to be done with this?” I replied “I don’t know, when do you think I should be done with this?”  President replied “Well how about 10 days” and I said ok, relaxed and confident.    “Does that not scare you?” I laughed and said “No I’m a missionary, nothing is too hard for me” and he just got out of his chair and hugged me!!!
The days go by so fast here two years will fly by.
I have given 2 priesthood blessings this week 
I asked elder Pazmiño what he likes to do and he said I like to shop so I said this P day we will go shopping,  and he said I don’t have money so I slipped 200 pesos in his luggage and then he went to his luggage to grab his toothbrush and started to cry and said Elder Smiley you are the best!!!
My apartment

We drink lots of Coke, and no water!!

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