Monday, September 26, 2016

Rain, Rain, go away, come back and play another day!!!

I think you guys will love and hate this letter but some crazy experiences!!!!!!

The first thing I want to tell you is that Elder Pazmiño and I are always out of the house at 12 noon every day. From 12 to 3 we have not had a lot of success.  So Elder Pazmiño says, “Ok Elder Smiley let’s say a prayer. So he said a prayer and asked “Please bless us so we can find more people who want to listen to the gospel.”  Not an hour later some guy comes up to us and says, “you guys are missionaries right?” and we said yes he said,  “Oh good. I’ve been wanting to learn about the church forever.  My brother just got baptized in the states and he said I have to learn about it.”  My companion and I looked and each other and just smiled! So this guy gave us his info and bought us lunch!!!!!!!

We also have 7 baptisms planned for October so lets hope they all go through!!!! Elder Pazmiño already had most of them,  but I helped teach 2!

My Spanish is not really getting better I am starting to get so mad and sad about it. Elder Pazmiño says poco y poco Elder Smiley, tranquilo!!!!!

But this week has been hard with homesickness and frustration! 

Add me on the prayer list for the gift of tongues my Spanish is awful

It has just been hard but I’m a smiley and can do hard things

 8:00 personal study
 9:00 companion study
10:00 a book first twelve weeks of your mission
11:00 language

First off, chill with the packages I think you have sent me like three its ok!!!!! I asked my companion when we can go to the mission office and he said when we have zone conference and I told him why and he freaked out and just wants candy.  So whatever you put in there I will love no matter what! 
Got caught in the rain, torrents in the streets up to cody's waist!!

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