Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good week in Mexico, looks like it will be a "White Saturday" Cody needs your prayers!

This week was really good!!!!!!!!!!

We had a Nerf War in our house and that was just really funny!!!!!!! I put on all of my jackets so the darts would not hurt and just screamed JUGGERNAUT! Everyone screamed and ran away, I started to laugh my butt off!

For everyone who is getting snow:  Mexico is so HOT!!!!  We literally take showers at the day and the night to cool down.

Next week should be the baptism for Luis and Gaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark your calendars!!!!!!!!!  Luis looked at me when he heard that I might not be able to baptize him and said “Then I do not want to get baptized.” I almost cried when he said that!!!!!  Luis shared his testimony, and my gosh it was funny because he was so nervous!!!!!! He said and I quote " I know Jesus is my heavenly father" After he said that I asked him the questions about baptism and he is ready, he was just nervous, do not worry!!!!!!!!!!

Not much this week hopefully more the next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom do not jynx me with my companions.  I am soooooo scared for transfers, gosh I do not want them to happen!!!!!! I want to stay with Elder Magaña he is literally a great friend!!!!!!!!    I loved talking to you guys on Christmas!!!

Well the Bishop had an idea to rent a bus every week for the people who can not buy taxis and buses, that was really good of you to do that!!!!!!  

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