Monday, January 23, 2017

New Area . . . New companion . . . New Challenges

First off guys do you know how to use a computer because I need pictures!!! This is kind of boring not seeing pictures!!! HELLO I DO NOT GET TO SEE YOU GUYS IF I DO NOT GET PICS!!!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I will tell you right now this email will be short. This week did not suck but it did not rock.  Elder De La Cruz and I worked so hard contacting literally we have over 100 contacts to visit!!!!  Every night we went to the Centro de Pabellon and contacted and contacted and contacted!!!!!  So I hope this week will be teaching, teaching and more teaching!!!!!

This week we have a change in the hours for missionaries!!!!!  It will be very weird!!!!!  I am in the District of Hermana Christensen, a sister from my District in the CCM!! It was good to see her!!!!! 

Trump is now President!!!!  Pres. Hernandez called me personally and said If anyone mentions one thing about Trump you are to return home as fast as possible and not leave!!!  So a guy yelled at me for being American.  Next thing you know he threw a beer bottle at me!!  I caught it with my assassin’s creed skills and poured it out and ran with Elder De La Cruz!!!!!

Elder De La Cruz and I are the greatest friends!!!!! He is by far my favorite companion I have had and he told me I am his also so that is just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our branch here in Pabellon has 15 people that come on Sundays.  There are 6 youth.
Our area is huge.   We get around town by riding in these buses that are like taxis. We even take them to get out to Aguascalientes.

That is basically it sorry not too big hopefully bigger next week!!!

Prayer list:

Elder Smiley: Get investigators and Gift of tongues

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