Monday, January 16, 2017

Great week again. Baptisms, and a transfer to a new area, and a new companion!

Just to let you know Elder Magaña wants us to adopt him.  He got his quilt yesterday Mom, thanks for that.  And he has been bragging about how cool my family is to every single missionary!!!!! It is freaking hilarious!

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis and Gaby were baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so cool!!!!!!!!! I was able to baptize Luis!!!!!!!!!!!

I am gone from Morelos 3 I am no in Paballon!  Our area is so big and has the smallest amount of people!!!!!! We have a branch of 50, so we will see how that goes!
I am with Elder De La Cruz, a native who does not speak English, so this is going to be awesome with him!  My area is literally like 5 villages, it is so cool!!!!  One town is like Cody Wyoming, the other is like Jackson Hole Wyoming and I have not been to the other parts!  My house is so nice, it literally  blows my other house out of the water!!!!! It is three levels and just the coolest thing ever!

Elder Magaña started to cry when I left, so that was kind of sad. Luis started to cry as well, it was very sad!  The parents made me promise them that I would return to visit and I said I would try!
Sandra and Duilio were very sad about me leaving as well!!!!!!!

President Hernandez asked Elder Magaña if I could be a District Leader, but Elder Magaña told him I need some more Spanish and President Hernandez said that is what I thought!!!!! So Elder De La Cruz is training me to be the next District Leader!!!!! So in this area I will be the new District Leader!!!!!  The coolest thing is that President Hernandez told Elder Magaña “I NEED a new District Leader who works hard!”  and Elder Magaña laughed and said “Well Smiley is your guy!”

We do not have a lot of investigators, so this change will be finding and I hope the next will be baptizing but who knows what will happen.   

I am going to love my new area!!!!!!!  

{Chris got a facebook message Sunday night telling us about Cody’s baptism and praising Cody up and down.  It was quite fun, so when we wrote him we told him we heard that he baptized Luis}

Who told you about the baptism I wanted to surprise you! FREAK!  I had the opportunity to baptize Luis, it was just so cool!!!!!!!  He is like my Manuel, he and I just clicked instantly!   my gosh it has been  so fun.
{This is cody’s response when we told him who sent Chris the Facebook message.}

I love Familia Marine!  She wants to know you so bad, they started to cry when I was walking away from their house, it was pretty sad!  They made me promise that I would return!!!!!  I obviously said yes so now we have to return to my mission!

Not a White Christmas, but there is white in Mexico!

The whole Family!

Cody and his brother Luis!!

Family Lopez with Bill Swan & Elder Rubio.  Small world!!  Bill is the only white guy in the picture.

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