Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

It´s been a long time and I am sorry. This is my first dia de preparación and here comes the fire. 
I was in Barcelona for 3 days. It was very different than Madrid. Everything is a little cleaner and a lot more modern. We see Ferrari´s and Lambo´s and Mercedes´ quite a bit. I feel like I´m in “Fast and Furious” some days.
During the days we just sat around the chapel and studied. Very long and boring days! The nights though, Woooooooo! I got to go proselyting with Elder Beaton. Just a stellar man! Our first night we contacted in front of a church and offered tours of the chapel. I got a kid in the chapel then got him up to the font and gave him the baptismal commitment and he accepted!!!!! It was so cool! Game on!
The next night we went back to Elder Beaton´s area which was kind of out there, but we got to go to a members house and visit some of his people. He had no investigators when we first got there but after a day we had 4 investigators! We went knocking doors and I had to do some by myself! Ahhhhhh. So scary but we did get in and teach a lesson which was excellent! God presents many miracles in his work.
Bilbao was one of the last areas called and Elder Ward got called right before I did and we are in the same piso! Miracle! Our piso is insanely insane! Our songs and activities are nuts! They told me my companion is Elder Wilkinson who is the same person I ate with during lunch! What!?! He is so stellar! We proselyted that night in Barcelona and just talked to everyone. He understands that we are here to baptize. We do other things but are here to baptize.
Elder Ward and I sat by each other on the train and contacted a man and wife that we hope will see the missionaries. Cross your fingers. Since I´ve been here I have committed I think 5 people to baptism! It is something insane! Only 1 has accepted but the rest except one said they want to hear more before they make a commitment like that. I love it.
Miracle number one is I was walking when I saw this African man sitting down and I was drawn to him. I went and talked to him and he swam from Africa and his 2 friends died. He promised god he would listen to the first messengers he brought him. Here we are. He took the baptismal commitment. Game on! Church is stellar! We need to get investigators though!!!! Come on!!!! I love you all and thanks for your support!

Send mail to the mission office in Barcelona. Love you all! More pictures coming. Patience is a virtue, I´ve learned that!

We are not sure if this is Elder Wilkinson, his trainer, or Elder Ward, friend from MTC 

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