Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

First off thank you for all your support and letters. Sorry Mom for no letters but we are so busy that I don´t have much of a P-day because baptisms comes first.
Dad we use the phrase "And then we baptized!" So much! hahahaha I love it!
This past week sucked so bad though. Our numbers looked like they should have been coming out of the rear end of a cow on Christmas. We worked so hard but just got no results. Charity suffereth long. That´s what I kept coming back to.
I am trying to be more charitable and now since Monday we have seen miracles!

On Monday night we set 3 fechas with a fantastic family! Game on! Got them with service. First time someone actually accepted my service (which ended up being climbing 3 flights of stairs with a giant stroller that was big heavy and awkward) we got in the house and set some baptismal dates!
It´s been raining a lot, and no Cody I haven´t worn my boots yet but  it won’t be long.  I am going to have to wear my suit everyday after General Conference. That is going to be really hot. oughhh.

Some things that happened and a reason are numbers weren´t too swift is Zone Conference this week, so Elder Ward and I had to help our companions (The Zone Leaders) prepare.  When we got out we went to Elder Ward´s area because it was closer. That is where we saw miracles. That night not one person nos rechazaron (rejected us)! We were, by definition in my opinion, contacting by the spirit. We met a guy, who I am pretty sure is just loaded beyond belief, who drives one of 5 Chryslers in Spain! It is a big deal! He offered to buy us all this stuff but finally we sat him down and gave him a lesson that blew him away. It was something I will never forget. I hope he follows up but we couldn´t set a specific date because he works all over Europe for a clothing company and is rarely home. I hope! 

Stake conference and Zone Conference were amazing. wow. What I got out of the two is focus on what you have not on what you don´t, and the definitive power of the Book Of Mormon. You can bet I was psyched about the Book Of Mormon one!  I love that book!

I just barely got all your letters yesterday so I don´t have time this P-Day to write back but I hopefully will next. This country in unbelievable and I can´t wait to show you all these things one day.

Can you tell Nikki to keep being a champ. Also if it´s a boy it´s name should be Danger! Just a hint.
Where are you SF football! I´m sick of hearing bad news let´s go Jason $$$$!!!!
I am sick of hearing bad news bears with BYU too. Can you tell Bronco to pick it up. Seriously?
Mark I believe in you with all this math garbage. Just get it. You can always turn to the lord for help.
Cody I knew you were the top dog! Wood shopping like a champ and looking a little femi and gay, but also like a champ you cheerleading fiend! I like the fact you didn´t go to homecoming, but from now on “you are only in high school once” and I have no regrets and I hope you don´t have any either.
Andi (Dramatic spin chair into camera shot) Good Morning Bilbao! I´m Andi May and this is going to be where my first News Anchor job is. Good luck! You are in my prayers!!! Andi with watching the districts look for the one about planning and what the crazy girl says about the area book. It is the joke that lifts are spirits whenever needed! Quote "If you don´t write in the area book, you don´t understand the atonement of Christ." wow, really? Muy fuerte no?
Thanks Grandma for that funny story. It honestly made us all laugh!
 A couple funny things about Spain, everyone smokes obviously. It was sad when I saw a 10 year old smoking. Wow, I wanted to hit him bad!! There are cigarette vending machines. Seriously? This is a problem.
Keep sending me pictures I love all of them! I will keep them coming your way!!! Much love, all the way from Bilbao. Two month mark today. It´s flying by! You are all great and I wouldn´t be here if it weren´t for all of you. Thank you!

Elder Sonrisa

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