Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

The members are so delicious, you wouldn´t believe! We get at least 12 member present visits a week without even a sweat! It is so excellent I can´t even express my gratitude! They helped me get my first baptism!!!! It was fantastic!!! There are just so many miracles happening every which way.
This week at first was so hard! No one would talk to us and everyone was spitting in our faces, but we just kept on keeping on and went forward with faith ¨suffering long¨ but by Sunday night we had zero people with baptismal “fechas” but within one hour we sat down 3 people and gave them the introduction to the church and gave all 3 baptismal fechas!! It was a miracle. There is just too much to be gratuitous about! :)
Dad remember when we were in Cancun and we saw those missionaries standing outside the church waiting for their investigators and you said I would do that soon enough. Yeah that´s exactly what I am doing. hahaha hoping and waiting and praying and having faith. Our baptism showed up 5 minutes before the confirmation. phew. It was so stressful! We ran all the way to the metro stop to try and find him. These are the experiences I´ll never forget!
The whole church is full of South and Central Americans. Very few Spaniards are humble enough for the church, it is really interesting. I think we have maybe 1/6 Spaniards in our ward. I try to talk to everyone and just love to listen to their stories and to tell them how there life is going to change for such a better life. After church we saw Andres (baptism) sitting outside on the steps with Keven (member) and two other girl members just talking. Elder Wilkinson and I just looked at each other and said, ¨What more can we ask for?¨ It was incredible! When we went finding on Sunday a man said a word I´d never heard before and I repeated it back to him and started pulling out my notebook to write it down he looked at me weird and walked away and Elder Wilkinson was dying! Once the man was out of distance I was about to write the word down to figure out what it is when Elder Wilkinson said He said F··· and I said it right back to him. So either I offended him or gave him the shock he needs in his life to accept this gospel. haha
I love it and I enjoy everything so much!!! We are just making everything fun and preaching the great word. My Spanish is coming and I am having almost full conversations with people. It is different because they only eat 2 meals a day and I get so hungry! I love it so much and Hermana Pace said just send all Letters and PACKAGES to the mission home for safe keeping. I love all of you and thank you for your prayers and support. This is exactly where I´m supposed to be and I can feel I just have a deep connection with the people we teach and I know this work is preordained. I said I would and I did! Yo dijo vendrĂ© y hize.

Elder Smiley (In the ward I am Elder Sonrisa)  

P days are great!!

It took a week, but here is my first baptism!!!

Missionary Apartment, pretty nice one though

In place of Mom, two sister missionaries come to the rescue

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